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AR YILDIZ was found in 1948 in Istanbul/Turkey. Getting early recogniztion with its range and quality of products, Ar Yildiz flourished in Turkish market quickly, and became one of the foremost producers of steel cookwares. In 1980 Ar Yildiz established a new facility in order to answer the growing market needs and extend its product line on a closed area of 48.000 m2 and an open area of 72.000 m2 in Corlu/Tekirdag. With a more than sixty five years of experience, its professional understanding of production and administration, unconditional customer satisfaction, following the latest technology with its wide range of machines, Ar Yildiz has expanded its customer portfolio by using the needed modern marketing techniques and made a mission to become the best and dedicated itself to perfection. To be a company that adds value to life with its high-quality products that create comfort, and respects people, nature, and law, Ar Yildiz has fixated its R&D department. With its experience and quality Ar yıldız have more than 6000 different products and has reached more than 750 selling points inside and outside Turkey, Ar Yildiz took its place as a sector leader. Ar Yildiz was awarded with the ‘’2011 European Union Quality Awards’’ for reaching global standards in production technology and business ITM. Ar Yildiz was also awarded in 2010 and 2011 for the ‘’Consumer Quality Award’’. Ar Yildiz meets the requirements and is certificated for ISO 9001-2008 , ISO 14001-2004, ISO 22000-2005 , OHSAS 18001-2007 and ISO 10002-2004. As a response to the cutthroat competition these days, without conceding from its quality and putting the customer satisfaction first, open to modern solutions and understanding towards the new production system , its going to continue to enrich the Turkish kitchens.